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Chat masala

Also Known As : Chaat masala


Taste Profile

It is sweet, hot, and acidic in taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Chat masala is a great seasoning for aloo chaat over dahi puri and even in bhel.
  2. It can be sprinkled over fruit and vegetable salads as well as raita.
  3. It can also be sprinkled on egg toasts.
  4. It should be stored in an airtight jar in a cool and dry place away from moisture.

Common names and forms

  1. Chaat Masala
  2. Chaat tbsp
  3. Salt Chat Masala
  4. Tbsp chaat masala


Chat masala is a spice powder mix or masala, which consist of coriander, cumin, mango powder, black rock salt, pepper, citric acid, and mint leaves. It has originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is used in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent, primarily in Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani cuisine.

Health benefits

  • Chaat masala is a good source of minerals such as iron and calcium, which are useful for building red blood cells and strong bones.(1)
  • It helps to treat digestive issues.(1)

Selection Guide

Chat masala is available readymade or can be made at home. Always check the ingredients to make sure that it does not contain any unwanted additives.  

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