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Chicken leg


Usage Tips

  1. Chicken legs are usually used in recipes like grilled chicken, baked chicken, chicken drumsticks heaven, roasted chicken, BBQ chicken with peri-peri sauce, fried chicken, chipotle roasted chicken and broccoli, lemon-garlic grilled chicken, etc.
  2. Raw chicken legs should not be left in room temperature for more than two hours. Thus, it should be wrapped in a cling wrap or a foil and then should be stored in the freezer.

Common names and forms

  1. Chicken leg pieces
  2. Chicken legs


The entire chicken leg consists of the thigh and the drumstick. Chicken leg is that of the chicken where most of the dark meat on a chicken comes from; the complete chicken legs are all dark meat. Dark meat contains a higher fat content when compared to white meat. Moreover, it is the most flavorsome part of the entire chicken. Chicken legs are also easy to cook and rarely overcooked. It is tender in texture with deeper hues.


Selection Guide

At the time purchase, make sure the chicken leg is dark pink with some white fat and should be natural looking in cut or shape. There should also not be any odour.  

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