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Chicory Mixture

Technical Name : Cichorium intybus


Taste Profile

It has a mild sweet caramel flavor.

Usage Tips

  1. It is often used as a substitute to coffee.
  2. It can be used in salads and even cooked like spinach.

Common names and forms

  1. Chicory Powder
  2. Chicory Root Powder
  3. Coffee Blended with Chicory
  4. Coffee-Chicory Mixture
  5. Instant Coffee Chicory Mixture
  6. Organic Coffee Powder Chikori


Chicory mixture is the roasted powder obtained by roasting and grinding dried root of chicory with coffee. Chicory is a flowering plant that belongs to the dandelion family. It has the same aroma like coffee when it is roasted.

Health benefits

  • Polyphenols present in chicory prevent breast cancer and colorectal cancer.(1)
  • It contain anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the artritis pain.(1)
  • It is a powerful booster for immune system.(1)
  • It is good for digestive health.(1)

Selection Guide

Make sure the chicory root is clean and free from dirt.


Consumption of chicory can stimulate the uterus and cause menstruation,hence it must be avoided by pregnant women. People who are allergic to marigolds, ragweed and daisies must avoid it.(2)

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