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Cocoa Butter

Also Known As : Theobroma oil, cacao butter


Taste Profile

It has cocoa flavour with tones of vanilla.

Usage Tips

  1. Cocoa butter is used in making all types of chocolates, be it milk chocolates, white chocolates or dark chocolates.
  2. Cocoa butter can be used for both savoury and sweet dishes.
  3. It is great for baking.

Common names and forms

  1. Cacao Butter
  2. Organic Cacao Butter
  3. Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
  4. Unrefined Cocoa Butter


Cocoa butter is an edible fat which is derived from cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are roasted, stripped and then pressed to separate out the fat called cocoa butter. It is pale yellow in color. Apart from that, it is used in various applications, including cosmetics, chocolates etc which are aside from its culinary uses. 

Health benefits

  • Cocoa butter has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which helps in improving skin elasticity, reducing inflammation and protecting the skin from sun damage.(1)
  • It is also effective to moisturise the skin and stop the skin from drying out.(1)
  • Cocoa butter is beneficial to reduce the risk of stretch marks in pregnancy.(1)
  • Cocoa butter also improves immune system.(2)

Selection Guide

Check the expiration date of cocoa butter on the label to make sure it has not expired. Avoid cocoa butter that is sold as white. Go for pale-yellow colored, aromatic cocoa butter. 


Cocoa butter is high in fat which can lead to weight gain and even diabetes. Cocoa butter contains caffeine which can cause insomnia and headaches.(3)

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