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Cornflour slurry


Usage Tips

  1. Cornflour slurry can be used to thicken both sweet and savoury applications.
  2. It can be used in sweet sauces and pie fillings.
  3. It can also be added to savory sauces, soups and gravies.

Common names and forms

  1. Cornflour mixed in warm water


Cornflour slurry is a mixture of a cold liquid with cornstarch that contains 2 parts cold water and 1 part cornstarch. It is stirred until smooth(to get rid of any lumps) and whisked into a hot, simmering liquid to thicken until the desired consistency is reached. It is brought to boil after being added until any starchy taste has been cooked away. It is widely used as a thickening agent in Asian sauces. It also imparts a glossy sheen to the liquids it thickens.

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