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Date Juice

Also Known As : Khejurer rosh, Khajoor ka raas


Taste Profile

It has sweet taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Date juice can be served fresh.
  2. It can be added to desserts and smoothies.


Date juice is made by blending pre-soaked dates with water or milk. It is a natural health tonic for kids and adults. Date juice is a very popular food in Bengal.

Health benefits

  • Date juice is beneficial for skin as it nourishes the skin.(1)
  • It makes hair smooth, thick and healthy.(1)
  • It is also beneficial for pregnant women as it helps in natural birth by stimulating the contraction of the smooth wall of uterus.(1)

Selection Guide

Look for light brown coloured and shiny dates to make date juice at home. When buying readymade date juice, check the expiry date and manufacturing date.

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