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Dehydrated Potato

Also Known As : Dried potato
Technical Name : Solanum tuberosum


Usage Tips

  1. Dehydrated Potato can be added to soups, stews, hash browns, potato salads, and casseroles.

Common names and forms

  1. Dehydrated Vegetable (Potato)
  2. Dried Potato
  3. Dried Potatoes
  4. Handpicked machine dehydrated potatoes
  5. Potato Powder


Dehydrated Potato is the dried potato slices or shreds that are dried in a dehydrator set at almost 125 degrees for about 8-10 hours until they turn dry and crisp. They can also be dried in the oven on a lined sheet pan.

Selection Guide

Go for properly dehydrated potatoes with a crispy texture. It is available in shredded or sliced form, choose according to your requirement.

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