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Dhuli moong dal

Also Known As : Yellow Split Moong


Usage Tips

  1. Besides simple cooked dal recipe it can be used for making healing foods like khichdi and soups.
  2. Dosa and idli taste fabulous when made out of dhuli moong dal.
  3. Moong dal a halwa and sheera are two of the most sought after dessert recipes in many households.

Common names and forms

  1. Dhuli moong dal / lentils


Dhuli moong dal is derived from the whole green moong bean, which when the skin is removed and it is split, appears yellow. Dhuli comes from the Hindi world for cleaned, which means that the skin has been removed. It is usually consumed as cooked dal but it can also be added to various curries and pulaos, or ground into a fine or coarse paste as per recipe requirement.

Selection Guide

Make sure to check the "use by" date very carefully. Also ensure that there are no faults in the packaging.

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