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Edible Gum

Also Known As : Dinka, Gund, Gaund, Antu, Kothri, Mazhkanhiram, Thumma,


Usage Tips

  1. Edible gum can be used to make laddoos with mixture of coconut, dried dates, poppy seeds, almonds, or jaggery fried in clarified butter.
  2. It is best to store edible gum in air-tight bottles and keep them away from moisture.


Edible Gum is basically a natural edible gum. Edible gum is white or brown in colour. It also provides heat to the body and is normally eaten in cold winter months. Edible gum is used to make chikkis (mixture of edible gum and various nuts). It is also used to make panjiri mixture. Gond ladoo (ladoo made from edible gum and few other ingredients) are one of the healthy sweets given to pregnant women traditionally, as they contain calcium and protein.

Health benefits

  • Edible Gum contains calcium and protein which helps to develop strong bones and muscle mass.(1)
  • It helps to improve immunity and if had during winter months, then it will prevent cold and cough.(1)
  • Gond ladoos are great for lactating mothers as they are said to increase the production of breast milk.(1)
  • It is great for energy.(1)

Selection Guide

It is available in small pieces. It should be white or brown in colour. Check that the packets are sealed and the pieces are dry and firm.

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