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Egg Yolks

Also Known As : Ande kee jardee


Taste Profile

It has slightly saline taste with mild flavor. 

Usage Tips

  1. Egg yolk is used to make liqueurs such as Advocaat or eggnog.

Common names and forms

  1. Egg yolks


Egg yolk is the yellow spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the albumen. It is usually yellow in color. They have a much richer flavour, and are used to thicken sauces such as mayonnaise and custard.

Health benefits

  • Egg yolk contain Carotenoids which helps in lowering age related risks like macular degeneration and cataract.(1)
  • It contains choline which helps in regulating cardiovascular function.(1)


Those who are allergic to eggs should avoid yolk as it may cause itching, swelling, and redness.(2)

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