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Emulsifier (322)

Also Known As : Soy lecithin


Usage Tips

  1. It is used as an emulsifier to keep water and fats from separating in chocolate and compound coatings.
  2. It is also used in dairy products, bread products and ice creams.

Common names and forms

  1. Acidity Regulator (INS 322)
  2. Antioxidant (322)
  3. Antioxidant (E322)
  4. Antioxidant (INS 322)
  5. Emulsifier (E 322)
  6. Emulsifier (E322 from Soya)
  7. Emulsifier (INS 322)
  8. Emulsifier (Lecithin - INS 322)
  9. Emulsifier From Plant Origin (Soya Lecithin)
  10. Emulsifier- Lecithin (E 322)
  11. Emulsifiers (322)
  12. Emulsifying Agent (INS 322)
  13. Permitted Emulsifier (E322)
  14. Permitted Emulsifiers 322
  15. Permitted Emulsifying & Stabilizing Agents (INS 322)
  16. Soya Lecithin E322i
  17. Soya Lecithin INS 322i
  18. Stabilizing Agents (INS 322)


Emulsifier 322 is a natural oily substance extracted from soybean oil. It is used as an emulsifier or stabilizer in food.

Health benefits

  • It is rich in choline which promotes good heart health and brain development.(1)
  • It benefits the liver as it flushes out toxins from the body.(1)
  • It helps to lower the bad cholesterol levels.(1)

Selection Guide

Check for the manufacturing date and expiry date on the label to make sure it has not expired.


Consumption of Emulsifier (322) may cause hormonal imbalance, abdominal pain, diarrhea and may disrupt thyroid function.(2)

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