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English Cucumbers

Also Known As : Greenhouse cucumber, European cucumber, Seedless cucumber
Technical Name : Cucumis sativus


Taste Profile

It has mild sweet flavor.

Usage Tips

  1. English Cucumbers can be added to salads or used for garnishing appetizers.
  2. They can be added to sandwiches, wraps or smoothies.


English Cucumbers are thin-skinned, dark-green color cucumbers. They have undeveloped seeds and are long, thin and uniform in shape.

Health benefits

  • English Cucumbers are rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, magnesium and phosphorus which are very good for health.(1)
  • It is full of dietary fiber which helps in weight loss and is good for digestive health.(1)

Selection Guide

Look for firm english cucumbers. Avoid limp or shriveled cucumbers.

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