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Farali chevda



Farali Chivda is a unique combination of fried potato sticks mixed with peanuts and sprinkled with sugar and salt. It is a perfect savoury snack to have at tea time. It is also known to be one of the best fasting food. The key ingredient for Farali chevdo is potato. Potato is peeled, washed and shredded. Once done it is mixed with all the spices and kept aside for a while. The grated potatoes are then fried on a high flame. As the potatoes become golden and crisp the excess oil is drained on a paper napkin. It is followed by frying of peanuts and cashews too. As the fried items get ready, a mixture of green chillies, curry leaves and raisins fried in a n oil is prepared and then poure over the already prepared mixture of potatoes and nuts.

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