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Food color 133

Also Known As : FD&C Blue No. 1, Acid Blue 9, Brilliant blue FCF


Usage Tips

  1. Food color 133 gives a bright blue colour to beverages, cereals, frozen desserts, ice-candies, cakes and cupcakes, frostings, icings and chewing gums.

Common names and forms

  1. Added Colours E133
  2. Added Permitted Food Colour C.L 42090
  3. Artificial Color (Blue 1)
  4. Blue 1
  5. Blue 2
  6. Brilliant Blue Fcf
  7. Brilliant Blue FCF (E133)
  8. Brilliant Blue FCF 42090
  9. Color (Blue 1 Lake)
  10. Colour (133)
  11. Colour(E-133)
  12. Colouring (E-133)
  13. Colouring Agent: E133
  14. E133
  15. Fd&c Blue #1, (E133)
  16. Flavours E-133
  17. Food Colour INS 133
  18. Food Colours 133
  19. Permitted Colour (INS 133)
  20. Permitted Flavours and Colours E-133
  21. Permitted Food Colour E133
  22. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (E133)
  23. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS 133)
  24. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour 133
  25. Synthetic Food Colour (133)
  26. Synthetic Food Colour FC - 09



Food color 133 is a food additive commonly used as a colouring agent in food and beverages. It is a synthetic dye and gives and gives a blue colouring to food products. It is also used in combination with the food additive, tartrazine (E102) to give various shades of green to food products.


Food color 133 may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. Some people may develop an allergy on consuming it. It may also cause cancer.(1)

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