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Food Colour (102)

Also Known As : Yellow 5, Tartrazine


Usage Tips

  1. Food Color (102) is used to add yellow color to food items like canned fish, cereals, confectionery, ice-creams, pickles, corn chips, jams, desserts, soft drinks, processed sauces and cordials.

Common names and forms

  1. Added Colours F09
  2. Artificial Color [Tartrazine (E102)
  3. Artificial Colours (E102)
  4. Colour (102)
  5. Colour (E-102)
  6. Colouring (E-102)
  7. Colouring Agent (E102)
  8. Colours (102)
  9. Colours (INS 102)
  10. E102
  11. FD & C yellow #5
  12. FD&C Yellow #5 (E102)
  13. FD&C Yellow #5 Tartrazine E102
  14. Flavours E-102
  15. Food color (INS-102)-Original
  16. Food Colours (E102)
  17. Natural food colour(yellow)
  18. Natural Identical Yellow Color (E102)
  19. Permitted Colour (INS 102)
  20. Permitted Flavours (E102)
  21. Permitted Flavours and Colours E-102
  22. Permitted Food Colour (INS 102)
  23. Permitted Food Colour E102
  24. Permitted food colours & flavours E 102
  25. Permitted Food Flavour E102
  26. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (E102)
  27. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS-102)
  28. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour 102
  29. Synthetic Food Colour (102)
  30. Synthetic Food Colour (E102)
  31. Synthetic Food Colour (INS 102)
  32. Tartrazine
  33. Tartrazine (E102)
  34. Tartrazine C.I. No. 19140
  35. Yellow #5 (E102)
  36. Yellow 5
  37. Yellow colour
  38. Yellow food color


Food Colour (102) is a yellow colored artificial dye which is used as a coloring agent in food products. It is a water-soluble food color and is obtained from coal tar. It is present in certain food products like sweets, cordials, soft drinks, jams and cereal.

Selection Guide

Check for the "use-by" date on the packaging to make sure it has not expired.


Food Colour (102) may cause allergic reactions like asthma. It may not be tolerated by those having aspirin hypersensitivity. It may cause health issues like migraine, blurred vision and fatigue. It may cause hyperactivity in some children.(1)

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