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Food Colour (110)

Also Known As : Sunset yellow FCF (For Colouring Food), Orange yellow S


Common names and forms

  1. Artificial Color [Yellow 6]
  2. Artificial Colours (E110)
  3. Artificial flavour E-110
  4. Artificial Flavour-E-110
  5. Colors FD & C Yellow # 6[FCF]
  6. Colour (110)
  7. Colour (E-110)
  8. Colour (INS 110)
  9. Colour Sunset Yellow FCF (E110)
  10. Colouring (E-110)
  11. Colours (INS 110)
  12. Custard Powder (E110)
  13. E110
  14. FD&C Yellow #6 Sunset Yellow E110
  15. Flavours E110
  16. Food Colour INS 110
  17. Food Colours (E110)
  18. Lubricants E(110)
  19. Permitted Flavours and Colours E-110
  20. Permitted Food Colour (INS 110)
  21. Permitted Food Colour (Sunset Yellow E110)
  22. Permitted Food Colour 15985
  23. Permitted Food Colour Yellow no. 5
  24. Permitted Food Colour Yellow no. 6
  25. Permitted Food Colours & Flavours E110
  26. Permitted Food Flavour E110
  27. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (110)
  28. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS-110)
  29. Permitted Synthetic Food Colours (E110)
  30. Sunset yellow F.C.F. 15985
  31. Sunset Yellow FCF (E110)
  32. Synthetic Food Color (INS 110)
  33. Synthetic Food Colour (110)
  34. Yellow #6 (E110)
  35. Yellow 6
  36. Yellow 6 Lake


What is food colour 110?

Food colour 110 is a yellow synthetic azo dye used to give color to fermented foods. Sunset Yellow is generally used in combination with E123  and amaranth to produce a brown colouring in chocolates and caramel.


Selection Guide

Check the “best before” date on the package to make sure it has not expired. It should be free from moisture.


It may cause allergic reaction to those who are sensitive to aspirin.(1)

Some other side effects of Sunset yellow FCF are nausea, severe weight loss and vomiting.(2)


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