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Foxtail Millet Flour

Also Known As : Coarse rava, Himalayan koni, Kakun ka atta
Technical Name : Setaria italica


Usage Tips

  1. Foxtail flour can be used to prepare sweets, savoury dishes and Indian dishes.

Common names and forms

  1. Foxtail Atta
  2. Foxtail Flour


Foxtail flour is made by milling the whole grain millet after it has been hulled. The seeds are convex oval or elliptical. They are light yellow to brown, rusty or black in colour. It was first naturalised in China and is cultivated in India, Africa and China.

Health benefits

  • Foxtail millet flour can help in the proper functioning of cardiac.(1)
  • It can also help to treat Alzheimer’s disease. It can help to boost memory as well.(1)
  • It can help to cure muscle weakness also.(1)

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