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Fresh red chilli


Taste Profile

It has a spicy taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Store fresh red chillies loosely in a breathable bag in refrigerator for upto two weeks. Fresh red chillies can be chopped and added to salads and pastas. They can also be used as pizza topping. They can be used for tempering dishes. They can also be dried and ground to powder and used as a spice in vegetables and curries.


Fresh red chilli is an erect, branched, shrub-like herb with fruits, in the genus Capsicum, a member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. They have shiny, deep red colored skin and are used in a variety of cuisines to add a fiery spiciness to them. Fresh red chilli can be used fresh, or in dried powdered form as well.

Selection Guide

Look for bright red colored, shiny and unwrinkled fresh red chillies.

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