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Fried Onions

Also Known As : French fried onions


Usage Tips

  1. Fried onions can be used as an ingredient for the rice dish called biryani.
  2. They can be served as an accompaniment to platters and vegetable dishes.
  3. Crisp fried onions can be used as a garnish on Indian cuisines.
  4. They can simply be served as a snack with dip, topped with some salt and pepper.

Common names and forms

  1. Fried onion


Fried Onions are large, ring-shaped, batter-coated onions cooked by basic pan-frying or sautéing on medium heat. They can also be shallow fried or deep fried in oil. They turn brown depending on the length of cooking and the temperature. They are used as a snack food, garnish or vegetable accompaniment to various recipes.It is available in market in powder form as well.

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