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Garlic Chives

Also Known As : Chinese chives, Oriental garlic, Asian chives, Chinese leeks
Technical Name : Allium tuberosum


Taste Profile

They have a rich flavor that is often described as a mix of garlic and onion but are less pungent than a clove of garlic.

Usage Tips

  1. Garlic chives can be used in stir-fries, tempura, stuffed into dumplings, and used in egg dishes.
  2. They can also be minced and used to garnish meat, poultry, or seafood dishes and can be also be used to flavor soups, marinades, vinegar, and dipping sauces.
  3. Remove any dark green colored leaves that have wilted before cooking.
  4. They will keep for a few days when stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.
  5. They pair well with fresh herbs, soft cheeses, mushrooms, noodles, meats, and chilies.
  6. Add them near the end of the cooking process otherwise, their flavor fades.

Common names and forms

  1. Garlic Leaves


Garlic chives have flat, wide and green colored leaves. Their each stem have a small, inedible white bulb at the base with white star-shaped flowers at the top that are edible and bloom in the spring. Traditionally they are an integral component of pad Thai and many other Asian dishes. They are native to East Asia. They are used in Chinese and Japanese cuisines. They are available beginning late winter through the summer months. They have a short lifespan. Today they are found in home gardens, farmers markets, well-stocked grocery stores, and Asian markets in Asia, Europe, and the United States. They have distinctive onion smell. 

Health benefits

  • Garlic chives are rich in Vitamin C, which prevents common cold and fever.(1)
  • They contain dietary fiber and protein that helps in maintaining a healthy and balanced metabolism.(1)
  • They also contain riboflavin, potassium, iron, thiamin, and beta carotene, these nutrients helps in blood count increase, maintaining blood pressure, and increasing immunity power.(1)
  • They are rich in vitamins, including vitamin A as well as vitamin B2.(2)
  • They also help to prevent the risk of colorectal cancer.(2)

Selection Guide

Go for a bright green color and fat yellow buds. Avoid the ones that are wilted or slimy or those that smell bad.


People who are allergic to garlic should take medical advice before consuming Garlic chives.(3)

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