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Greek Yogurt


Taste Profile

Greek yogurt tastes sour and tangy.

Usage Tips

  1. Greek yogurt can be simply eaten as it is. It can be added to breakfast cereals, made into dips, raita or smoothies, added to sandwiches, baked goodies and curries too.

Common names and forms

  1. Greek Yoghurt


Greek yogurt is a variety of dairy yogurt that is very creamy which is made by straining whey and lactose from regular yogurt.This results in a thicker texture with more protein and less sugar as compared to regular yogurt. The process for making Greek yogurt requires milk to be first heated, then cooled to a temperature (106-114°F) then bacterial cultures are added. The mixture is left to ferment with Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus which results in production of lactic acid,which gels the milk proteins producing regular yogurt.This regular yogurt is strained to remove whey and lactose, leaving behind a thicker-textured yogurt called greek yogurt.

Health benefits

  • Greek yogurt is rich in calcium which plays a significant role in strengthening bones and regulating blood pressure.(1)
  • It is an excellent source of protein which is needed for building and repair of body tissues and supporting many bodily functions.(1)
  • The probiotic bacteria present in Greek yogurt helps build healthy microbiome in the gut, which may have a tremendous effect in boosting good health.(1)
  • It has a good amount of Vitamin B12 which plays a key role in energy production and formation of red blood cells in the body.(1)
  • It gives higher satiety value thus preventing overeating and weight gain.(1)

Selection Guide

When buying greek yogurt opt for the plain variety and not the flavoured ones as they contain much sugar and additives thus negating the health benefits of greek yogurt. 


Flavoured greek yogurt may contain high doses of sugar and additives which is harmful for health.(2)

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