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Also Known As : Amrood, Guayabo, Guyaba, Goiaba
Technical Name : Psidium guajava


Taste Profile

It tastes from sweet to sour.

Usage Tips

  1. Refrigerate guava and it would last for 4 days.
  2. It is used in fruit salad, it is also processed to produce jams, jellies, while the dehydrated ones are used to make powder.

Common names and forms

  1. Guava Fruit
  2. Psidium Guajava


Guava, which scientifically known as Psidium Guajava is an evergreen shrub that hails from the myrtle family. It bears a fruit that is oval in shape and yellow to green in colour, the inner flesh is usually white, pink or red in colour with the presence of numerous yellowish seeds. It happens to be a very common fruit amongst all and is potentially rich in nutrients. Although, its origin is still not known, but it’s been known to grow native in parts of tropical America. It is usually grown in late spring, summer and early fall.  

Health benefits

  • May boost heart health: According to some eminent scientists, guava is said to be rich in vitamins and antioxidants, hence it acts as a great booster for the heart health, and protects the heart from any damages made by free radicals. Moreover, a higher level of potassium and soluble fibre in guavas is said to be a major contributor to improved health heart.(1)
  • May benefit the bowel system: As it is already known that guavas are high in soluble dietary fibre, hence it helps in maintaining a healthy bowel system, thereby keeping the digestive system healthy.(1)
  • Controls diabetes: The presence of dietary fibre, helps in reducing the blood glucose level in a human body, therefore, it happens to be a great benefit for diabetic patients.(2)
  • Antiviral effect: The guava leaf is said to be high in flavanols that happens to be a natural antioxidant, and hence has a great potential for fighting off flu. Therefore, its consumption with tea is a good remedy to fight off flu.(3)

Selection Guide

One should always look for a blemish-free and slightly soft when pressed, it should not be hard.


As there is no confirmed study to prove that guavas have side effects, but still anything that is overdone happens to implicate some side effects, hence if guava is consumed in excess, then it might lead to gas and bloating as there would be an increase in fibre, that certainly might lead to the aforesaid complication, therefore if there is an increase in fibre intake, then it is recommended to increase the intake of fluids to balance the proportion.(4) Likewise, if anyone is pregnant or lactating then she should consult the doctor before consuming the guava leaf extract.(5)

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