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Guava Pulp


Taste Profile

Guava pulp taste almost same as guava fruit.

Usage Tips

  1. Guava pulp is used in making juices, jams, fruit bars etc.
  2. It is also used to flavor ice creams, puddings and yogurts.

Common names and forms

  1. Organic Guava Pulp
  2. White Guava Pulp


Guava pulp is extracted from the guava fruit. It is obtained by the commercial processing of sound, mature guava fruit by passing through a fine sieve.It has a thick and gritty texture.

Health benefits

  • Guava pulp may help lower the blood sugar levels.(1)
  • It boosts heart health.(1)
  • It may relieve painful symptoms of mensturation.(1)
  • It also aids to weight loss.(1)
  • It also have anti cancer effect.(1)

Selection Guide

Guava pulp is mainly made up of white and pink guavas. As it is a fresh product it should be properly packaged.

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