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Guntur Chilli Powder


Taste Profile

It has a spicy, hot taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Guntur Chilli Powder can be used to prepare Telangana cuisines and Andhra cuisines such as Natu Kodi Kura (chicken curry), Guntur Kodi Vepudu (chicken fry) and Mamsam Pulusu (mutton curry) and Chepa Pulusu (tamarind dish curry).


Guntur chilli is a thick dark red colored chilli pepper that comes from Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. Guntur Chilli Powder is a dried and ground guntur chillies producing fine, bright red colored powder. It is widely used in Andhra cuisines like Kandhi Podi, Gongura Pachadi, Ragi Sangati with Natu Kodi Pulusu, etc.

Selection Guide

Look for fine, free-flowing Guntur Chilli Powder with no moisture. Check for its "best before" date to confirm its freshness.

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