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Hung curd

Also Known As : Chakka dahi


Usage Tips

  1. Hung curd can be used to make desserts like shrikhand and bhapa doi.
  2. It can also be used to make dahi ke kabab.
  3. It can also used to make mayonnaise and dips.
  4. It can also used as a dressing for salads.


Hung curd is made by draining the whey from the curd. It is prepared from freshly made curd. It has thick, smooth and creamy texture. Hung curd is very popular in indian recipes.

Health benefits

  • Hung curd is a good source of protein which helps to build muscles.(1)
  • It contains less sodium content which is beneficial for those who have high blood pressure issues.(1)
  • Hung curd contains low-carbs which is good for those struggling from high blood sugar levels.(1)
  • It is a good source of probiotic which is beneficial for good digestion, immunity and weight loss.(1)
  • Hung curd is an excellent source of calcium which keeps the bone and teeth healthy.(1)

Selection Guide

Hung curd is either made from low-fat fresh curd or full fat fresh curd. Choose according to the requirement of the recipe.

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