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Kabab Chini

Also Known As : Tailed pepper, Sheetal Chini


Taste Profile

It is bitter and acrid in taste.


Kabab Chini is a traditional herb mentioned in Unani medicine. The dried, fully-grown but unripe fruit is used for medicinal purposes. These fruits possess a spicy, aromatic odour. This species is native to Indonesia, cultivated in India, England and West Indies and to a small extent in India, specially in the Assam and Karnataka state. In recent years herbal medicine and aromatherapy options have become popular. In this case, the Kababchini (Cubeb) is being declared all-round. It is used in the treatment of cold, cough, bronchitis, respiratory infection, sinusitis, poor digestion, amoebic dysentery and reproductive system related problems, male and female genitals to intensify sexual pleasure during coitus. It is also used in Dysuria, painful urination, genito-urinary infections, Piles, Coryza, congestion, intestinal gas, gonorrhea, and cancer, Oral problems, bad breath, mouth sore and bad taste.

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