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Also Known As : Black cumin, Nigella seeds, Black caraway
Technical Name : Nigella sativa


Taste Profile

It has a bitter and pungent taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Kalonji can be sprinkled on breads and pastries.

Common names and forms

  1. Black Cumin
  2. Black Cumin Seed
  3. Kala Jeera
  4. Kalaunji
  5. Kalonji Seeds
  6. Kirayta
  7. Mangraela
  8. Mangrail
  9. Mangrela
  10. Nigella
  11. Nigella Sativa
  12. Nigella Seeds
  13. Onion Seed
  14. Onion seeds
  15. Vanjeera


Kalonji is an aromatic spice similar in size to that of sesame seed. Dry roasted kalonji is used to flavour curries, dals and stir fried vegetables as well.

Health benefits

  • Kalonji helps to improve memorising ability and concentration power.(1)
  • It helps to cure diabetes.(1)
  • It is considered as a painkiller. It helps to get rid of headaches.(1)
  • It is used to treat cough and cold.(1)
  • It is beneficial for dental care also as it helps to cure bleeding gums and cavities.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose seeds that are jet black and not dried.


Kalonji is harmful when taken in large amounts. It can lead to low blood sugar levels and is risky for fetus health.(2)

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