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Kesari Powder

Also Known As : Saffron powder
Technical Name : Crocus sativus


Usage Tips

  1. Kesari Powder can be used to add color and flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes like pulao, biryani, kheer and halwa.
  2. It can be added to flavour masala milk and badam milk.

Common names and forms

  1. Saffron Powder


Kesari Powder is red-orange color powder obtained from the saffron threads. Saffron threads are the dried stigma of the crocus sativus Linnaeus in the Iris family. Once the threads are properly dried, they are ground to fine powder. It is used to add color and flavour to Indian desserts and rice dishes.

Selection Guide

Go for pure kesari powder without any artificial colors in it. Buy in sealed pack after checking its expiration date.

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