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Kewra Arak

Also Known As : Keora, Kewda, Pandanus flower essence
Technical Name : Pandanus odorifer


Taste Profile

Kewra Arak has a floral smell and taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Kewra Arak is mainly used to flavour rice and meat dishes and desserts like rasgulla and rasmalai.
  2. They are also used to flavour beverages like Khus ka sherbet.

Common names and forms

  1. Artificial Food Flavour (Kewra)
  2. Kevada
  3. Kewra essence


Kewra Arak is an extract obtained from the flower of the Pandanus plant by distillation. The male pandanus flower is mainly used for kewra arak. Pandanus plant is native to Asia and Australia and is widely used as a flavoring agent in Asian regions. In India it is mostly cultivated in Gopalpur, a place in Odisha, with almost 200 registered kewra distillation factories situated there. It is also used in traditional Indian perfumery like Ittar. It is a transparent liquid quite similar to rose water. It is available all through the year.

Selection Guide

When buying Kewra Arak, choose reputed brands as it is likely that some kewra arak products are artificially flavoured.

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