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Khejur gur

Also Known As : Date palm jaggery, Patali gur, karupatti, nolen gur


Taste Profile

It has a sweet taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Khejur gur can be used in place of sugar in food preparation and dessert making.
  2. Khejur gur is very much used in Bengali sweets, some of the famous Bengali sweets prepared from them are khejur gurer payesh, Bengali nolen gurer payesh, nolen gurer payesh, date palm jaggery kheer, and so on.

Common names and forms

  1. Date palm jaggery
  2. Khajur gur
  3. Liquid date palm jaggery
  4. Nalen Gurr
  5. Nolen gud
  6. Patali


What is khejur gur?

Khejur gur is a type of uncertified jaggery that is generally produced in small scale industries of West Bengal and Jharkhand. They are produced from the early morning sap of the date palm trees. The nutritious sap of the date tree is usually collected from the jungles, and hence are heated and served in a sealed jar. Khejur gur is generally in liquid form because it is completely natural with no added preservatives or chemicals, which is usually added during processing. 

They are mostly brown to golden yellow in colour, with variation in their concentration.It enhances the taste of many delicacies and contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

Khejur gur varieties

Khejur gur can be eaten as “nolen gur”, which is a soft golden coloured gur, named after the nol, or the pipe, which is used for the collection of sap. Or as jhola gur comes in a viscous state, generally made by reducing the sap. Jhola gur has a low shelf life, but is very aromatic, hence is used to make the famous Joynagarer moa. 

Another such variety happens to be poyra gur, which is regarded to be the finest one. It is available only during the winters and happens to be a healthy alternative for white sugar.

Is it just tasty or beneficial too? Have a look yourself..

  1. Palm jaggery is high in composite carbohydrates which help in digesting food faster than the regular sugar. Consuming a piece of palm jaggery regularly helps in releasing energy which keeps you fresh and energetic for hours. 

  2. The dietary fibers present in palm jaggery also help in cleaning the system by flushing out unwanted toxins and stimulating bowel movements. 

  3. Being rich in potassium, palm jaggery helps in maintaining electrolyte balance by reducing water retention and bloating. Thus, promoting weight loss. 

  4. Date palm jaggery can provide relief from menstrual and abdominal cramps. It promotes the production of endorphins, which help soothe pain and relax the muscles in the abdomen. 

  5. Studies suggest that date palm jaggery can be an effective home remedy in providing immediate relief in case of a migraine headache. 

Health benefits

  • Khejur gur is a good source of composite carbohydrates that help in better digestion and also boost energy levels.(1)
  • It is a good source of calcium and helps in strengthening bones.(1)
  • Dietary fibre in it helps to treat digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion and improper bowel movements.(1)
  • It helps to flush out toxins from the body.(1)
  • It helps in weight management by reducing water retention and bloating.(1)
  • It also helps to provide relief from menstrual cramps and stomach aches.(1)
  • It has medicinal properties that help to provide relief from migraine pain.(1)
  • It also helps to cure common ailments, such as a dry cough and cold.(1)

Selection Guide

Look for naturally prepared Khejur gur. It should not contain any preservatives or additives. Also check for its expiration date on its packaging. It may vary from light brown to dark brown in color depending on place of origin and processing.During purchase, do taste the jaggery as it should not be salty, not even slightly. This indicates that it has a high concentration of mineral salt. Likewise, it should also not be bitter in taste, if it does taste bitter, it means that it had undergone caramelization during the boiling process.

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