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Kutaja flowers

Technical Name : Holarrhena antidysenterica


Taste Profile

It has a bitter and astringent taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Kutaja flowers(in dried form) can be used in tambulis or as a flavouring agent in curries.

Common names and forms

  1. Kajuta flowers


Kutaja is a glabrous tree or large shrub, native to Africa and Indian subcontinent but also grows well in the hilly forest areas all over India. Kutaja flowers are five petaled flowers of kutaja plant that are white in color when tender and turn creamish when they begin to fade off. They appear at the end of branches in corymb like cymes (flat topped or convex flower cluster) and grows upto 2-3 cm high. They discharge slight milky substance when plucked. They can be dried and used for various medicinal purposes.

Health benefits

  • Kutaja flower is a coolant and can help to improve digestion, cure diarrhea as well as intestinal worm infestation. (1)
  • It can help in detoxification of blood. (1)
  • It is beneficial for strengthening the reproductive system of mothers after delivery, and also helps in gaining muscular strength. (1)
  • It is helpful to improve appetite and gaining weight in malnourished and underweight people. (1)

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