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Also Known As : Nimbu
Technical Name : Citrus limon


Taste Profile

It has a juicy, acidic,and tart taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Lemons can be used to flavor many sweet and savory dishes.
  2. They can also be used in baked goods and desserts to provide a light, fresh flavor.
  3. Lemon zest is great to add a punch of lemon flavour in food.
  4. Lemon juice popularly known as Lemonade, is considered as a very refreshing drink.
  5. They will keep at room temperature or refrigerated for 1-2 weeks.

Common names and forms

  1. Aromatic lemon
  2. Fresh Juicy Cut Lemons
  3. Fresh Lemon
  4. High Quality Lemon
  5. Lemon Cut into Cubes
  6. Lemon Fruit Pieces
  7. Lemon Pieces
  8. Lemon Rind
  9. Lemon rind from one lemon
  10. Lemon ring
  11. Lemon rings
  12. Lemon Slices
  13. Lemon wedge
  14. Lemon(nimbu)
  15. Salted Lemon
  16. Sliced lemon


Lemon belongs to the family of citrus fruits. It is rounded and slightly elongated. The pulp is pale yellow in color, juicy and with an acid flavour. Its skin is yellow and specially bright when it is ripe. It is thought to have originated from the Himalayan foothills of North-East India, and from where they spread all across the Middle east, Europe, Africa, and as far as America. It is available throughout the year. The major producers of lemon today are the United States, Italy, Spain, Greece, Israel and Turkey. Depending on the variety, it may contain no seeds or numerous seeds.

Health benefits

  • Lemon contains Vitamin C which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.(1)
  • It contains citric acid that helps to prevent kidney stones.(1)
  • The soluble fiber in it helps to improve digestive health.(1)
  • It helps in curing and preventing cold, flu and fever.(2)
  • The antiseptic and coagulant properties present in lemon can stop internal bleeding such as nosebleeds.(2)
  • The diuretic property found in lemon helps in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.(2)

Selection Guide

Go for a lemon that’s heavy for its size and has a pleasant fragrance. Its skin should be bright yellow with no wrinkling. Avoid those lemons that are too soft and have signs of white or green mold. The peak season for them is April through August.


Lemon may aggravate heartburn and ulcers. It can also cause nausea and vomiting.(3) 

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