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Also Known As : Salad patta
Technical Name : Lactuca sativa


Taste Profile

It has a pleasant, mild taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Lettuces can be used in burgers, salads, spring rolls and salads.
  2. It pairs well with garden peas, green beans,citrus fruits as well as with seafood like shrimp and prawns.
  3. It can also be used in sandwiches and wraps.


Lettuce is a plant with usually large green-colored leaves. It is grown in the cold climate or moderate climate conditions. It is medium to large in size. It is available in many varieties.

Health benefits

  • Lettuce has anti-inflammatory properties that help in controlling inflammation.(1)
  • It is beneficial in lowering high cholesterol levels which often lead to heart diseases.(1)
  • It contain anxiolytic properties that helps to controls anxiety.(1)
  • It contain vitamin K, that helps to prevent neural defects.(2)
  • It contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.(2)

Selection Guide

Avoid lettuce that are wilted or have brown-edged or slimy leaves. The lettuce leaves should be firm and always select lettuce with bright, crisp and tender leaves.


Lettuce may cause allergic reaction in some people like skin rashes and itching. It may also cause nausea or vomiting and diarrhea.(3)

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