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Long Pepper

Also Known As : Pippali, Indian long pepper, Pipli, Pimpli, Videhee, Lendi peepar,hippali
Technical Name : Piper longum


Taste Profile

Long pepper has a hotter taste with sweet and somewhat earthy, gingery undertones.

Usage Tips

  1. Long pepper can be used for meat marinades and seasonings.
  2. It can also be used as an alternative in any dish that requires black pepper.

Common names and forms

  1. Choti Pepal
  2. Hippali
  3. Landi Pipal
  4. Laung Pepper
  5. Lendi Pipal
  6. Long Pipal
  7. Organic Long Pepper Berry
  8. Pepper Long Whole
  9. Pepper Loungum
  10. Piper Longum
  11. Piper Longum Root
  12. Piplamul
  13. Pipli
  14. Pippali Chhoti
  15. Pippalimool
  16. Premium Quality Ganthoda (Long Pepper Root)


Long pepper, also known as pippali is a very unique spice.  It is the fruit of the piper longum and unlike many other fruits and spices, it is more beneficial to your health when it is still unripe. Pippali is an exotic climbing perennial plant which may be seen in the hottest areas of India as well as in the central Himalayas. Long pepper is usually dried under the sun, in slight shade, and then used. Indian long pepper has a ton of health benefits. It is an essential herb used in various Ayurvedic medicines. 


Health benefits

  1. Long pepper has components that are known to protect the liver. It can make sure that the liver toxicity is always managed, and it also prevents jaundice from occurring. (1)

  2. Indian long pepper has strong antibacterial qualities. Long pepper protects the body from bacterial infections. It also has anti-amoebic properties that help it do so. (1)

  3. Indian long pepper has been used to combat menstrual problems since time immemorial. It can help curb heavy menstrual flow and can also help with menstrual cramps. It even combats fatigue and some of the symptoms of PMS. (1)

  4. The pippali pepper also has anti-inflammatory properties. It's also beneficial for muscle spasms, allergies, in addition to parasites. It may relieve a stinging toothache. (2)

  5.  Pippali can also be used in preparing this churna known as trikatu, which means "three kinds of pepper" Its composition includes the near relative of pippali -- the black pepper in addition to ginger.  It assists for flu and colds, reduces swelling within the body, and fixes digestive issues. (2)

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