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Mint Leaves

Also Known As : Pudina


Taste Profile

It has mild sweet flavour.

Usage Tips

  1. Mint leaves can be used as a flavouring ingredient in dishes.
  2. It can also be added to ice-creams and chocolates for flavour and can also be added to teas and beverages.
  3. It can be used to make chutney or dips as well.

Common names and forms

  1. Dried Mint
  2. Dried Mint Leaves
  3. Dry Mint
  4. Dry Mint Leaves
  5. Fresh mint leaves
  6. Menthe
  7. Mint
  8. Mint Leaf
  9. Mint(Pudina)
  10. Pudina
  11. Pudina Leaves


Mint leaves are the green aromatic leaves of a herb from genus Lamiaceae. They can be used fresh or dried to add flavour to dishes.

Health benefits

  • Mint leaves help in proper digestion and has carminative properties that gives relief from gas related problems.(1)
  • It has anti-inflammatory effects that helps to treat headache and nausea.(1)
  • It is beneficial for the respiratory system and treats nasal congestion.(1)
  • It promotes good dental health and prevents bacteria that causes tooth decay and bad breath.(1)
  • It improves blood circulation in the body.(1)
  • It contains antispasmodic properties that helps to relieve muscle pain.(1)

Selection Guide

Choose fresh, green, unwilted mint leaves.When buying the dried variety make sure it is free from moisture and is sealed properly.

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