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Natural Colour (INS 150c)

Also Known As : Caramel III, Ammonia caramel, 150c, INS 150c, E150c, Baker’s caramel, Confectioner’s caramel, Beer caramel, Burnt sugar coloring, Caramel liquid, Natural brown 10, Sethness 858, Sulfite caramel, Sulfite ammonia caramel, 4-MethylImidazole (4-MeI)2-Acetyl-4


Taste Profile

Caramel colour has an odor of burnt sugar and a slightly bitter taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Natural Colour (INS 150c) is very commonly used in soy sauce, confectionery, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, breakfast cereals, cheese, preserved vegetables, jams, jellies, marmalades, and processed meats.

Common names and forms

  1. Caramel (150c)
  2. Caramel Colour (E150c)
  3. Caramel Colour (INS 150c)
  4. Caramel E150c
  5. Color (E150c)
  6. Colour (Caramel E150c)
  7. Colour (INS 150c)
  8. Colour (Plain Caramel)
  9. Colour E150c
  10. E150c
  11. Natural Colour E150c
  12. Permitted Natural Colour (E150c)


Natural Colour (INS 150c) is otherwise known as caramel colour. In the food industry, caramel colour is a water-soluble colouring that may vary from pale yellow to dark brown. It is formed by a process called caramelization (the process of breaking down sugar by heating it at high temperature, thus removing the water content. The sugar is then reformed into complex polymers, producing a sweet, nutty, or buttery flavor, which is golden-brown to dark brown in color). Natural Colour (INS 150c) are also called “ammonia caramel“ as they are created through the controlled heating of carbohydrate sources with ammonium compounds to produce colour bodies ranging from a light brown to dark red-brown. The most common source of obtaining them are sugar beet or sugar cane but sometimes maize starch is used. The main purpose of Natural Colour (INS 150c) is that it adds or restores the colour of a food and also lends a bitter taste. It has great stability in alcohol and salt medium hence it is used to give colour and flavor to a range of food products containing alcohol and salt.


Consuming foods containing Natural Colour (INS 150c) may cause high blood pressure, decreased immune function and cancer. It may cause allergies in some people too.(1)

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