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Natural Demerara Sugar

Also Known As : Turbinado sugar, Raw sugar


Taste Profile

It usually tastes like crystallized molasses or toffee.

Usage Tips

  1. Demerara sugar is commonly used in baking. It is so because they have given out caramelised flavour to the baked product. Therefore, they are used in cakes, custards, puddings souffle, et cetera. They are also used in pies, as they add moisture to the baked product. Moreover, as they have a crumbly texture, thus they are sprinkled on top of puddings to get a nice bubbly and crunchy top.

Common names and forms

  1. Demerara Sugar


Demerara sugar is generally extracted from sugarcane,it is partially-refined raw sugar, which is produced by pressing of sugar cane. As and when the juice that is extracted is evaporated, large sugar grains having goldencolour and a subtle molasses flavour is left. Hence, it consists of large grains that gives a nice, crunchy texture in baking. It draws origin from Guyana, formerly Demerara in South America. However, it is available all across the globe. Demerara sugar naturally contains a small amount of molasses that gives it a light brown colour with a tinge of caramel flavour. It is usually used as sprinkles to decorate cakes and muffins, and is poured in tea and coffee as well. When compared to common white sugar, demerara sugar is said to have less sucrose, nevertheless, it also contains important minerals such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, cobalt, chromium, etc.

Health benefits

  • It helps to prevent vitamin B depletion in the body that reduces the risk of skin problems.(1)
  • It acts as an exfoliant and moisturizer for the skin.(1)
  • It contains Glycolic acid that keeps the skin healthy.(1)

Selection Guide

Always lookup for the packaging date. Also, look for those that are free of moisture and are dry. Moreover, the sugar should move freely as that indicates the freshness.


Demerara sugar is said to contain some vitamin and mineral, which is not in found in white sugar, as it undergoes much more processing. Although demerara sugar undergoes much less processing than the white sugar, it is still regarded as an added sugar - a sugar, which is not in its natural form. Therefore, too much added sugar can lead to obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, thus, demerara sugar should be consumed in moderation and occasionally.(2)

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