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Nut Mace

Also Known As : Mace,Javitri
Technical Name : Myristica fragrans


Taste Profile

Nut mace has a pleasant yet more intense flavor than nutmeg.

Usage Tips

  1. Whole mace spice can be stored in an airtight container and it can stay fresh for several months.
  2. It can be used to make sweets, puddings, muffins, cakes and different kinds of breads.
  3. It can also be used in preserving and pickling.

Common names and forms

  1. Javantri (Mace)
  2. Mace


Nut mace spice is a dried, outer lacy coating (called the aril), enveloping firmly around the nutmeg kernel. This lacy aril, which is red in color, is carefully removed by hand or by using a knife, from the outer shell of the nutmeg. It is then dried, making it a yellowish-brown spice. It significantly enhances color, taste, and flavor of foods. It gives light saffron color to the dishes. Mace spice is used to flavour bakery, meat, and fish dishes, and to flavour sauces and vegetables too.

Health benefits

  • Nut mace spice helps to regulate bowel movements.(1)
  • It helps to cure nausea, and treat diarrhea and flatulence.(1)
  • It helps to treat tension and anxiety.(1)
  • It also helps to prevent kidney stones.(1)
  • Mace spice helps to treat cold and cough.(1)
  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties which treat joint pains.(1)

Selection Guide

Go for whole mace or its blades instead of powder, since powdered mace can lose its flavor rather quickly because of evaporation of essential oils.


Excess consumption of mace spice may cause sweating, palpitation, headache, and body pain.(2)

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