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Also Known As : Avena, Avena Fructus, Avena byzantina, Avena orientalis, Avena sativa, Avena volgensis, Avenae Herba, Avenae Stramentum, Avoine, Avoine Entière, Avoine Sauvage, Cereal Fiber, Dietary Fiber, Farine d'Avoine, Fibre Alimentaire, Fibre Céréalière, Fibre d'Avoine, Folle Avoine, Grain d'Avoine, Green Oat, Green Oat Grass, Groats, Gruau, Haber, Hafer, Oat, Oat Bran, Oat Fiber, Oat Flour, Oat Fruit, Oat Grain, Oat Grass, Oat Herb, Oat Straw, Oat Tops, Oatstraw, Oatmeal, Oats, Paille, Paille d'Avoine, Porridge, Rolled Oats, Son d'Avoine, Straw, Whole Oat, Whole Oats, Wild Oat, Wild Oat Herb, Wild Oats Milky Seed
Technical Name : Avena sativa


Taste Profile

It has a nutty and mild flavor

Usage Tips

  1. Oats should be stored in sealed or air tight containers to avoid incorporation of moisture.
  2. Oats stored as flour have a longer shelf life than whole wheat flour due to presence of natural antioxidants in oats which prevent rancidity.
  3. Oats can be eaten as porridge, they can eb made into chilla, added to vegetable saute cookies and cakes.
  4. Steel cut oats have a chewy texture, thus they need soaking prior to cooking. This reduces the cooking time by 30 minutes.

Common names and forms

  1. Australian Oats
  2. Gluten Free Oats
  3. Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats
  4. Instant Oats
  5. Jiwa Instant Oats
  6. Jumbo Oats
  7. Jumbo Rolled Oats
  8. Oats Dalia
  9. Oats Fiber
  10. Oats milk
  11. Organic Oats
  12. Organic Whole Grain Oats
  13. Quick Oats
  14. Steel Cut Oats
  15. White Oats
  16. Whole Grain Oats
  17. Whole Oat
  18. Whole-Grain Steel Cut Oats
  19. Wholegrain Oat Flakes
  20. Wholegrain Oats


Oats is a highly nutritious grain. Modern oats are believed to be originated from the Asian wild red oats which grew as a weed in other grain crops. Oats were introduced to North America with other grains by Scottish settlers in 1602 and by the year 1920, it gradually became a major crop. There are various varieties of oats presently available in the market like quick oats, rolled oats, steel cut oats and whole oats. Quick oats are cut into small pieces, rolled thin and steamed due to which they require less time to cook. Rolled oats are steamed and rolled into flakes and stay fresh longer. Steel-cut oats are the groats cut into 2 to 3 pieces with a sharp blade and cook more quickly than whole oats. Whole oats are the result of simply harvesting oats, cleaning them, and removing their inedible hulls. This is why whole oats take the longest time to cook. In India, Punjab, Haryana, UP, Orissa, Bihar, West Bengal and limited areas in MP are the Oats growing states. Other substantial producers of oats are Australia, Poland, China, and Finland.

Health benefits

  • Oats contain a fiber named beta-glucan which increases the release of cholesterol rich bile. This reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) by breaking it down and improves good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the body and lowers the risk of heart problems and irregular blood pressure. (1) 
  • Avenanthramides is a very strong antioxidant that is found solely in oats. These avenanthramides produce nitric acid which helps in dilation of blood vessels and increases the blood flow. This helps in maintenance of blood pressure. (1) 
  • It has the ability to enhance fullness by delaying stomach emptying. This automatically reduces the appetite of the person without any form of fasting and helps in weight loss.(1)
  • It is also a rich source of important nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium and iron. (2)
  • Oats being a whole grain is loaded with fiber which helps to relieve constipation.(3) 

Selection Guide

While using packed oats, check for the expiry date to ensure it is not stale. Instant oats are often packaged with additional salt, sugar and flavoring which clearly indicates that it isn't the healthiest choice. Thus it is very important to read the labels carefully before buying any variety of oats.


People with chewing problems should avoid consuming oats as half chewed oats can cause intestinal blockage and irritation in the GI tract.(4)

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