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Also Known As : Santra, Kichili
Technical Name : Citrus sinensis


Taste Profile

It has a sweet and sour taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Orange is a great option for fruit salads.
  2. Oranges can be used in mocktails.

Common names and forms

  1. Crushed Oranges
  2. Natural Orange
  3. Orange Fruit
  4. Orange slice


Orange is a round shaped juicy fruit which belongs to the species Citrus Sinensis.

Health benefits

  • Hesperidin and pectin present in oranges helps in lowering bad cholesterol.(1)
  • It contains magnesium which helps to control blood pressure.(1)
  • D-limonene compound in oranges fights against breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.(1)
  • It contains folic acid which helps in brain growth development.(1)
  • Oranges are good for skin and hair as well.(1)

Selection Guide

Smaller oranges have more juice than larger ones. Choose oranges that are firm, heavier in size and without any blemishes.


Oranges are rich in potassium. Overconsumption of oranges can be harmful for the functioning of kidneys.(2)

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