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Orange Juice Concentrate


Usage Tips

  1. Orange juice concentrate can be used to flavour cocktails, marinades, sauces, glazes, baked goods, icecreams and yogurts.

Common names and forms

  1. Orange Juice From Orange Juice Concentrate
  2. Organic Orange Juice Concentrate


Orange juice concentrate is concentrated liquid obtained by removing excess water from orange juice. With most water extracted and evaporated, the resulting thick, syrupy product is juice concentrate. It can also be spray-dried to produce a powder. It may also contain additives like sugar, water, and nectars. Extracting water also reduces bacterial growth, and thus concentrate doesn't spoil as easily as juice and has a long shelf life. It can be to flavor beverages and desserts.

Selection Guide

Look for 100% natural orange juice concentrate with no artificial sweeteners added.

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