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Also Known As : Wild marjoram, Origanum
Technical Name : Origanum vulgare


Taste Profile

Oregano is said to have a strong camphoraceous aroma and slightly bitter pungent flavour.

Usage Tips

  1. Oregano is mostly used for seasoning in Mediterranean and Italian cusines, and from there it has drawn great relevance in the culinary world in every corner of the world. It is often used in pizza, pasta, scrambled eggs for seasoning. It is also combined with olive oil to create flavourful oregano oil, Italian vinaigrette, and marinades for chicken, lamb, beef.

Common names and forms

  1. Dehydrated Oregano
  2. Dried Oregano
  3. Dried Oregano flakes
  4. Dried Oregano Leaves
  5. Himalayan Oregano
  6. mixed oregano
  7. Oregano Bits
  8. Oregano Flakes
  9. Oregano Leaves
  10. Oregano Seasoning
  11. Organic Oregano
  12. Organic Oregano Leaf
  13. Premium Quality Oregano
  14. Premium Quality Oregano Leaves


Oregano also is known as origanum or wild marjoram is an aromatic perennial herb that comes from the mint family and is renowned for its flavourful dried leaves and flowering tops. It is a native to the hills of the Mediterranean countries and Western Asia. This herb is an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cooking and is very much used to season foods. The Greek and the Italian oregano, have a warm pungent taste with a strong aroma. In India, it is found in temperate Himalayas stretching from Kashmir to Sikkim. It is grown in all warm garden soils, preferably grown in temperate climates as well as subtropical climate. Oregano was originally grown in Greece and was first brought into use by the Greeks. They somewhere believed that this herb was first created by the Goddess Aphrodite. Moreover, the word oregano was coined from the Greek words oros which means mountain, and ganos, which states joy, meaning “ joy of the mountain “.

Health benefits

  • Oregano contains an active ingredient beta caryophyllene which may help treat osteoporosis.(1)
  • It is also helpful in preventing  breast cancer.(1)
  • Oregano contains antibacterial properties that may protect against infection.(1)
  • Oregano may be helpful to treat cold sores, muscle pain, and sore throat.(1)

Selection Guide

Fresh oregano should be rich green in colour and must not be limp.At the time of purchase always buy those that a properly sealed. There should not be any moisture content in them.


Diabetic patients should consume oregano cautiously as it might lower blood sugar levels. It might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorder.(2)

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