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Parboiled Kodo Millet

Also Known As : Kodon, Haarka, Arikelu, Varagu
Technical Name : Paspalum scrobiculatum


Usage Tips

  1. It can be used to make idli, dosa, pulao, chapattis, sheera, and biscuits.

Common names and forms

  1. Par Boiled Varagu (Kodo Millet)


Kodo millet is an annual grain, grown and consumed commonly in southern India. It is quite popular as upvas food (fast) in India and is used as a good substitute for rice. It can be incorporated into daily meals and can be used to make a variety of dishes like idli, dosa, pulao, chapattis, sheera, and biscuits.


Health benefits

  • High fibre content in kodo millet helps to reduce bad cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in the body, and also helps to treat high blood pressure.(1)
  • Kodo millet is low in fat. It is also high in fibre thus it satiates quickly and keeps one full for a long time, preventing one from overeating.All this makes kodo millet a great food choice to lose weight.(1)

Selection Guide

Check for the best before date while buying and it should be moisture-free.

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