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Pasteurized Double Toned Milk


Taste Profile

Its flavor is similar to normal milk.


Double toned milk is produced by the combination of cow’s or buffalo's milk or both together where milk fat percentage is standardized to 1.5% of milk fat. Pasteurisation is the process to kill pathogens in milk and make it safe for consumption and also increase it shelf life. Pasteurised Double Toned Milk is a good substitute for whole milk as it contains no fat. It is obtained through a process which combines whole milk with water, skimmed milk and powder skimmed milk. This process reduces the fat content of the milk as well as brings down the price, making it more affordable. Pasteurized double toned milk helps in weight loss and aids in maintaining ideal body weight. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and helps maintain lean muscle mass. It is especially recommended for people with heart disease, diabetes, obesity and patients with burns.

Selection Guide

Before buying Double Toned Milk from any brand, check the fat content as it is a clear indication if the milk is actually double toned or not.

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