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Pea Flour

Also Known As : Peasemeal


Taste Profile

Pea flour has a slightly nutty and sweet taste.

Usage Tips

  1. Pea flour is used for making porridge and in baking like breads. They can be used to make pancakes, for thickening soups or even as a batter for fried fish.

Common names and forms

  1. Pea Grits
  2. Pea powder
  3. Yellow Peas Flour


Pea flour is a type of flour produced from yellow peas. The yellow peas are roasted which makes their protein and starch content more readily available. The color of the flour is brownish-yellow due to the roasting process, while the texture may be fine or gritty. It is completely plant-based, and hence ideal for vegetarians and vegans. Pea flour is very popularly used in Scottish cuisine and in dishes such as brose and bannocks. Nowadays, pea flour is made from green peas too. It is a ground powder made out of green peas and used in sweet and savoury dishes. 


Some people may be allergic to peas and hence may show allergic reactions on the consumption of pea flour-like itching, redness of the skin , Urticaria around the mouth, swelling especially in the lips, Cough, Stomache, Vomitting and Anaphylaxis.(1)

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