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Peanut Protein Hydrolysate


Usage Tips

  1. Peanut Protein Hydrolysate can be used in high protein food and beverages.

Common names and forms

  1. Hydrolysed groundnut (peanut) protein
  2. Hydrolysed Groundnut (Protien)
  3. Hydrolysed Peanut Protein
  4. Hydrolysed Veg Protein (Peanut)
  5. Pea Protein
  6. Vegetable Protein Peanuts


Peanut Protein Hydrolysate is a Spray Dried substance obtained from defatted peanut kernels or peanut meal. The protein is extracted from peanuts by enzymatic hydrolysis. It is off white to creamish yellow in color and is freely soluble in water. It is freely soluble in water, producing a clear solution. It is used in high protein food and beverages. It offers improved stability, emulsifying capacity, and foam capacity. It is also used in a variety of Pharmaceutical formulations.

Selection Guide

Look for the "use by" date on its packaging.

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