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Peanut Protein Powder

Also Known As : Mungfali ka powder


Taste Profile

The taste is similar to that of roasted peanuts.

Usage Tips

  1. It can be used directly in its powdered form or rehydrated with water to make a paste.
  2. It can also be used as a dry seasoning, unlike regular peanut butter.
  3. Combining peanut powder with a banana, a handful of ice, and a generous splash of almond milk is an ideal way to start the morning.
  4. It can be used to bake some protein bars, cheesecake, cookies.


Peanuts are an excellent plant-based source of protein. They are high in various vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. Peanut powders contain only peanuts. It is naturally gluten free, defatted flour made from peanuts. Peanut powder is a good source of phosphorus, folate, copper and magnesium providing at least 10% of the DV for these nutrients and making it a nutrition-packed option. It very easy to make peanut powders at home, just place a cup of peanuts on a pan and roast it on a low flame. Continue to swap the peanuts every now and then so that the peanuts dont burn. Once the nuts are golden brown, remove the nuts from the pan and spread it on a plate to let it cool down. Once cooled, now churn it in a blender for a coarse powder. Peanut powder is a great vegan source of protein, and it`s ideal to substitute animal protein sources or just to boost the daily protein intake. The best idea of cooking with protein powder is that it doesn't destroy the proteins, it does denature it but this process of denaturation is 100% safe.

Selection Guide

While purchasing peanut powder make sure to go for well known brands only otherwise there may be chances of contamination.

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