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Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (127)

Also Known As : Erythrosine


Usage Tips

  1. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (127) can be added to bakery products, sweets, custard mixes, canned fruits, beverages, strawberries or cherries to give them red or melon-pink color.

Common names and forms

  1. Colour (127)
  2. Colour (Erythrosine E127)
  3. Colour FD & C Red # 3
  4. Colour(s) (E-127)
  5. E127
  6. Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (INS 127)
  7. Synthetic Food Colour(INS 127)


Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (127) is a food additive in the form of a synthetic food coloring agent. It is a cherry-pink food color which is highly water soluble. Erythrosine is commonly used in sweets such as some candies and popsicles, and even more widely used in cake-decorating gels. It is also used to color pistachio shells.


Selection Guide

Look for the "use-by" date on the packaging of Permitted Synthetic Food Colour (127).


E127 has been known to promote hyperactivity, although this is considered rare. Due to E127's iodine content, high concentrations of it may interfere with an individual's iodine metabolism. (1)

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