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Pink Guava Pulp

Also Known As : Laal amorood ka guda


Taste Profile

It has a typical sweet acidic taste of natural ripe guava fruit.

Usage Tips

  1. The de-seeded pink guava pulps are used to prepare jams, jellies, tarts, ice-cream, etc. They are also used as a base of salted products like the sauce as a substitute for tomatoes. They are also used in mocktails, cocktails, salads, etc.


Pink guava pulp is generally extracted from those pink guavas that are mature, unblemished and ripe, they are usually handpicked. These pink guavas have more pigment content as polyphenol, carotenoid, and pro-vitamin A. They are found all across the globe, while in India they are cultivated in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Uttar Pradesh. They are considered to be one of the super-fruits. They have pink coloured sweet pulp with lots of seeds, they oval in shape with the rough outer skin. They also have a typical fragrance, very much a keen to the lemon rind, but less sharp.

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