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Preservative INS 210

Also Known As : Benzoic acid, carboxybenzene, acyclic acid


Usage Tips

  1. INS 210 can be used as a natural preservative in jam, margarine, marinated herring and mackerel, pickles, dessert sauces, beer, soft drinks, salad cream, dressings and fruit yogurt.

Common names and forms

  1. INS 210
  2. Permitted Class II Preservative (E210)
  3. Preservatives INS 210


INS 210 is antifungal and antibacterial natural preservative used in food and drinks. It is produced by hydrolysis of benzonitrile and benzamide. Due to its high solubility. it can be purified by the recrystallisation from water. It also occurs naturally in many edible berries, fruits and vegetables.


People with allergic reactions must avoid it as it can cause a rash similar to nettle rash with large quantities and can also cause gastric irritation. It can provoke high hyperactive response in children when combined with E102(tartrazine).(1)

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